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Santa Maria Del Sur celebrates 10 years in London

Santa Maria Del Sur celebrates 10th anniversary as a popular local in Battersea

Santa Maria Del Sur, a popular Argentinian restaurant in Battersea, celebrates its 10-year anniversary this year. The restaurant is well known among meet-lovers for its simple, high-quality meals. A few years back, the restaurant was featured on Gordon Ramsay’s The F Word and announced the third best local restaurant in the UK.

”Argentinian food is simple, and the ingredients are in focus. We prepare good meat, cooked in a charcoal and wood grill, similar to what you would get at a BBQ on a Sunday back home. The meat is imported fresh straight from our butcher in Argentina to ensure the authentic taste and quality,” explains Alberto Abbate.

Earlier this summer, Santa Maria Del Sur appointed a new head chef, Jose Cacciavillani, who has been working as a chef since the age of 17. His background is in Business & Gastronomy from Aconcagua University Mendoza, and he also has a Patisserie Major from Buenos Aires. Jose has worked at many well-renowned restaurants in Buenos Aires before joining the Santa Maria Del Sur team in London. He has now been responsible for setting up the new lunch menu that was introduced in the beginning of September.

”I’ve shared kitchens with Michelin chefs like Michele Bras, Laguiole France, and the Rocca brothers. I’ve always been inspired by the simplicity of life and seasonal products. My cuisine can be described as a fusion that combines creativity, good taste and passion. I always say a dish created without passion is nothing more than food”, said Cacciavillani.

”What’s the most rewarding thing that has happened to me during these 10 years? Since the very first month, and until today, once in a while, I receive a comment saying: ‘Thank you for letting us enjoy such a fantastic steak’. People are so grateful when they try good food and that is the reason I stayed in the business for 10 years. I am happy to be able to provide our clients and friends with something that comes from my homeland and that has no complicated way of preparing it. It is simply a good quality product,” says Alberto Abbate.

During the past months, leading up the anniversary, Santa Maria Del Sur have updated their website, menu and started hosting events for loyal customers and food influencers. They also had a big 10th-anniversary party on 7th of November 2016. The
10th-anniversary campaign can be found on social media. Have a look at #santamariadelsur10.

”Keeping a restaurant going for 10 years in a super-city like London comes with a lot of learnings. We’ve had our share of good and bad reviews; we’ve experienced floods and fires, been fully booked for months at times and then experienced empty days. Experimented with food that has turned out great, and other recipes that weren’t as big a hit. I’m proud of what we’ve accomplished and learnt during these 10 years in Battersea, and I look forward to continuing to deliver great, wholesome Argentinian cuisine to our local community and for those guests who venture from further away, for at least 10 years longer,” says Abbate.

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